Retina research review - Geographic atrophy and diabetic retinopathy

Complement C3 inhibitor pegcetacoplan for geographic atrophy secondary to age-related macular degeneration (FILLY trial)DS Liao et alOphthalmology. Feb...

Paediatric ophthalmology research review

The risk of uveitis due to prostaglandin analogues in paediatric glaucoma

Vitreoretinal research review

Archway randomised phase 3 trial of ranibizumab port delivery system for nAMDHolekamp N et alOphthalmology, 2022. 129(3): p. 295-307

Oculoplastic research review

Telemedicine in oculoplastic and adnexal surgery: clinicians’ perspectives in the UK

Presbyopia eye drop review

Safety and efficacy of AGN-190584 (Vuity drops) in individuals with presbyopia – the GEMINI 1 phase 3 randomised clinical trial

Glaucoma research review

Virtual clinics for glaucoma care – patients’ and clinicians’ experiences and perceptions: a qualitative evaluation Gunn J, Marks J, Au L, et al Eye (2022)...

Update on herpes zoster ophthalmicus

This update will answer some of the common questions surrounding herpes zoster ophthalmicus (HZO) and highlight recent research, including several key...

Medical retina research update

Efficacy, durability, and safety of intravitreal faricimab with extended dosing in patients with DMO

Dry eye research review 2022

The impact of anticancer drugs on the ocular surface

Presbyopia drops and SLT vs drops for glaucoma

Safety and efficacy of AGN-190584 in individuals with presbyopia: The Gemini 1 phase 3 randomised clinical trialDr George Waring IV et al

Oculoplastic labs, neoplasms and rosacea research

Pilot evaluation for an image-based eyelid lesion management service

Predicting non-attendance with AI

Patients not showing up to their scheduled appointments is a significant issue, estimated to cost the New Zealand healthcare system $29 million each year

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