NZ Optics magazine is the only industry publication for New Zealand's ophthalmic community. Content covers a broad spectrum of industry issues, news and content, including the latest technical and clinical information from New Zealand, Australia and overseas. The print version of the magazine is a paid-for subscriber publication distributed to optometrists, ophthalmologists, dispensing opticians, ophthalmic nurses, orthoptists, hospitals, universities, students, researchers, optical wholesalers, government and health departments and ophthalmic-related associations throughout New Zealand and beyond. The magazine is also available online via

The magazine's content is also distributed online via and our more Australian-focused site 

Editorial content throughout the NZ Optics print and online publication stable is updated regularly, to cover important news updates from across New Zealand and Australia, and internationally; championing breakthrough clinical research and challenging traditional views to support the development of the eye health industry across all factors of the sector.

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As well as 11 quality print editions a year, subscribers to NZ Optics also receive the annual wallplanner and the Optical Information Guide (OIG), a comprehensive directory of all the products and services relating to the New Zealand ophthalmic industry.

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NZ Optics (magazine and online) and are published by NZ Optics 2015 Ltd. All content is copyright © to NZ Optics 2015 Ltd, Auckland, New Zealand. NZ Optics 2015 Ltd is an independent publishing house and has no affiliations with any organisation. NZ Optics 2015 Ltd endeavours to ensure all articles published are accurate to the best of the NZ Optics 2015 Ltd’s team’s knowledge. However, the views expressed in the published articles are not necessarily those of NZ Optics 2015 Ltd or the editorial team, but designed to give a fair and balanced view of the current issues of the day.

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