Leonardo’s myopia-management boost

EssilorLuxottica’s open-learning platform, Leonardo, has been boosted with exclusive podcasts on clinical communication in myopia management, created by Dr Kate Gifford, founder and director of Myopia Profile.


The concept covers vital pieces of myopia management information and how to communicate these clearly to the child and their parents, said Tim Thurn, director of medical and professional relations at EssilorLuxottica Australia and New Zealand. “From the risk of not treating myopia to presenting expected outcomes, I think Kate has been very precise about key factors and how practitioners need to bring the parents on board with the myopia control plan.”


Dr Gifford’s six 10-minute episodes, ‘The six Cs to communicate myopia’, cover myopia risks, correction and control; treatment options; consent; counselling on visual environment; practice systems; and calculating outcomes. With new content constantly being added to Leonardo, it pays to check back in, Thurn said.


Leonardo focuses on eyewear and eyecare, alongside advice on business and people management. “We firmly believe Leonardo's offer of learning and training is instrumental in helping our clients achieve business growth and in setting new standards in quality vision care and services,” said Thurn. “Having a resource of more than 7,000 hours of online training that the whole practice can refer to is, I believe, a unique offer in the industry.”


For more, see https://leonardo.essilorluxottica.com/landing


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