J&J’s next-generation phacoemulsification

Central to Johnson & Johnson Vision’s stand was the Veritas Vision System, the next generation in cataract surgery, said J&J’s ANZ phaco specialist Henri Buhagiar.


Veritas was designed to address three critical areas: patient safety, surgeon efficiency and comfort, said Buhagiar. He said key features include:

  • Stability has been improved with the Veritas’ hybrid fluidics technology, which minimises post-occlusion surge, and its occlusion sensing technologies
  • Efficiency has been enhanced by combining J&J’s Whitestar technology with an elliptical tip movement for ultra-smooth cutting, even in dense or advanced cataracts, and a dual pump system which enables access to peristaltic and venturi pumps on-demand
  • Surgeon-centred ergonomics have been boosted with a new ergonomically designed foot pedal and (the latest addition to the Veritas system) a new lighter, swivel handpiece, which allows up to 220° of rotation at the distal end for easy manoeuvring within the eye while greatly reducing the torque from tubing


All the developments made were based on surgeon feedback, said Buhagiar. “In my experience, the advancements in fluidics management and usability of the Veritas Vision System have made a marked improvement in safety and stability of the phaco procedure,” said Dr Jason Jones, an ophthalmologist in Iowa, US, in a company testimonial. “I’ve found I can glide through any lens density with less surge, and the level of chamber stability I’ve experienced with Veritas gives me more confidence to take advantage of ‘venturi’ mode, the more powerful phaco setting.”    


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