Eye-tech design awards

Zeiss Vision Care’s UVClean technology, a UV-C disinfecting device for eyecare professionals, has won a Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2021 Innovation Award and two prestigious Red Dot Awards for innovation.


“Our selection as a CES innovation awards honouree is a testament to our design and production teams’ ability to respond quickly and efficiently to the Covid-19 pandemic,” said Jens Boy, president of Zeiss VC North America. “Frame and lens disinfecting became an overnight challenge for eyecare and the Zeiss UVClean met that challenge with an efficient, affordable and space-saving device.”


Standard ‘soap and water’ cleaning is slow and labour-intensive, and frames may not be sufficiently dry for immediate use for patients, while alcohol-based solutions or hydrogen peroxide can damage frames over time and have an unpleasant smell. Re-purposed industrial or consumer UV-C boxes, meanwhile, tend to be costly and bulky, said Zeiss. The UVClean uses four bulbs to bathe each pair of eyeglasses in powerful UV-C light. The unit can disinfect up to 10 pairs in 40 seconds and kills up to 99.5% of common viruses and bacteria.


 Haag-Streit's Core surgical chair


Ophthalmic equipment manufacturer Haag-Streit Diagnostics also picked up a Red Dot Award for its Core surgical chair, ergonomically optimised for the ophthalmic surgeon.


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