ERO stands for sustainability

Eyes Right Optical (ERO) has launched a sustainable and ethical practices policy to reduce its environmental impact.


Recently, customers have been asking more frequently about ERO’s sustainability practices, said Lisa Wymond, ERO co-owner and national brands manager. “Once we sat down and collated all of the eco-friendly things we have been introducing and are doing as a company, we were really quite proud of what we have achieved. We were implementing eco-friendly practices before they were mainstream and expected from consumers; it’s just the right thing to do.”


The company’s efforts include installing 176 solar panels on the warehouse roof, using only LED lighting, recycling all paper and cardboard, creating an office veggie patch, switching to hybrid cars, invoicing electronically, reusing returned bubble wrap, consolidating shipments for less packaging material and fewer transport costs and recycling eyewear waste. It also introduced compostable courier bags in June 2021, during the Melbourne lockdown. “I was doing online shopping and noticed a lot of the deliveries were coming in compostable courier bags. I thought it was fantastic and something we could implement,” said Wymond, adding that it does cost a little more per delivery, but these costs aren’t being passed on to customers.


Installing solar panels on ERO's warehouse roof


ERO is also holding its suppliers to the same ethical and sustainable environmental standards, she added, citing Design Eyewear Group, Morel and Kenmark Eyewear as examples of suppliers that were equally committed to reducing the environmental impact of their businesses. Currently ERO’s practices are in place for Australia only, but Wymond said the company is working with its New Zealand courier company to investigate eco-conscious delivery options. “We are really committed to an eco-friendly approach in every aspect of our business.”


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