CCLS webinar: cosmetic considerations

The Cornea and Contact Lens Society (CCLS) is hosting a webinar on the impact of cosmetics on the ocular surface on Wednesday 7 June at 7.30pm NZ standard time.


Founders of UK-based award-winning oculoplastic and reconstructive surgery Face Restoration, Drs Rachna Murthy and Jonathan Roos, visiting professor of the Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research master’s programme in Bergamo, University of Milan, will discuss the findings of the recently published Tear Film & Ocular Surface Society’s (TFOS) ‘A lifestyle epidemic, cosmetics subcommittee report’ to which they contributed. They will cover how eye health practitioners can educate patients about cosmetics and recommend alternatives for better ocular surface health.


TFOS co-founder Amy Gallant Sullivan will cover the 15-plus years of research behind Èyes Are The Story, the world's first clinically proven products formulated specifically for sensitive eyes and skin, dry eyes and contact lens wearers.


The one-hour webinar is free for CCLS NZ and CCLSA members ($15 for non-members). New Zealand optometry CPD points pending. For more, click here.


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