DMEK surgery “game changer”

Researchers from the Centre for Eye Research Australia and the University of Melbourne have received a funding boost to fast-track the development of their new medical device CorGel, an ultra-thin hydrogel film used to insert donor corneal tissue into a patient’s eye to restore vision.


Chalkeyes presents: A great hop, skip and jump forward

Ingenious adaptation came to our neighborhood during lockdown number two, on a footpath, beneath the pretty trees.

Ophthalmic podcast picks for 2020

During this current Covid-19 pandemic-restricted world, there has been some amazing, live, online ophthalmology content produced, and I’m still very much...

Creating results with LinkedIn?

I am asked 'how do I create results with LinkedIn' so often that I have developed a list of key steps to introduce this powerful business development method.

Lenses: thinking outside the frame

Being a keen hobbyist, I came across a situation that required some work to be completed above my head. I needed to connect and install 12-volt electrical...

New toric IOL unveiled in Australasia

Ophthalmologists in New Zealand and Australia are the first in the world to be given access to Alcon’s new Clareon toric intraocular lens (IOL) and Auckland-based...

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